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Issues and Witness

Our congregation is an active member of the UU Legislative Ministry of California, which works in our state capitol to support health care reform, marriage equality, fair elections, and to address global climate change.

Because the Earth is in peril from human activities, and for us as people of faith, this is a moral and spiritual crisis of utmost importance, our congregation is very active in the area of environmental justice. We are a certified Green Sanctuary, responding to the call to heal the Earth, combat global warming, and live more sustainable lives. For more information:

As individuals, we participate actively in other local and national organizations, remembering our faith's commitment to "open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands."

Social Witness

Unitarian Universalists annually adopt "Statements of Conscience" and "Actions of Immediate Witness" on a variety of issues pertaining to social witness, including civil liberties, economic justice, health, hunger, peace, energy, and the environment. These statements are approved democratically by a vote of representatives from all the UU congregations around the country.

Recent Statements of Conscience

2007 Statement of Conscience: Moral Values for a Pluralistic Society

2006 Statement of Conscience: Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change

2006-2010 Congregational Study/Action issue: "Peacemaking" (PDF)

2007 Actions of Immediate Witness:

2006 Actions of Immediate Witness:

* end mountaintop removal coal mining,
* endorse the “Declaration of Peace” campaign,
* pass the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act,
* stand up for the UN Human Rights Council,
* support Immigrant Justice.


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