For Upcoming Worship Service Topics

May 7
3:30-4:30 pm – Family Yoga with Quita Payne. Note earlier time. We focus on gentle yoga for all ages, adapted to your personal level of experience or inexperience. All equipment except a yoga mat is provided.
4:45-5:00 pm – Piano music with Ken Elias
5:00 pm – Rev. Kathleen Scott presents The Mother of All Being
Mother’s Day and Earth Day will be celebrated in this talk even though it is not occurring on the date of either. Yet May is a month of celebrating the feminine principle, so let us do so by honoring Mother Earth and our own mothers, and the creative principle as realized and expressed by both.

Children’s RE: This Sunday’s lesson focuses on the value of helping and concern. We will learn about Clara Barton and the humanitarian efforts of the International Red Cross.

May 14
4:00-4:45 pm – Drum Circle with Buddy Jones
5:00 pm – Kathleen Parker presents readings from “Sacred Women Behind Bars” by local author Betty Lenora. This book outlines the anger management classes that Ms. Lenora developed and facilitated at Chowchilla Women’s Prison, and her resources will be familiar to Unitarian Universalists. As she writes in her book, “Every teacher from Buddha to Brooke Medicine Eagle and the timeless, ageless wisdom from all continents made it into my classroom.” With additional commentary by Kathleen Parker. With Worship Associate April Hill.

Children’s RE: This week we will study Josiah Wedgwood, a British Unitarian who founded a famous pottery company.

May 21
4:00-4:45 pm – Mindful Meditation with Arthur Ogawa
5:00 pm – Cesar Chavez: American Icon.
On March 31 we celebrate the birthday of Cesar Chavez. Although he died in 1993 he continues to be revered by farm workers and social activists around the US. He influenced the lives of many people, including that of this service’s speaker, Worship Associate Anna Garcia. What made him such an icon? How did he succeed in organizing farm workers where others had failed? We will talk about his life and how he gave rise to a movement which changed the lives of farm workers around our country. With Worship Associate Earl Cruser. (Editor’s note: Was originally to be presented in April.)
Children’s RE: Fannie Farmer was a famous cook who had her own cooking school and published a famous cookbook. She is important for her contributions to understanding nutritional needs and standardizing measurement. This Sunday we will be studying her contributions.

May 28
5:00 pm – Evolution Sunday: Religious Leaders Speaking Out for Science
Join our annual celebration of Evolution Sunday together with 13,000 religious leaders who have signed the “Clergy Letter Project” to demonstrate that religion and science need not be in conflict. Worship Associates Harold and Janet Wood.

Children’s RE: This week’s lesson is to help children appreciate Angus MacLean’s contributions to religious education, including the importance of having students use their hands as well as their heads and the value he placed in parents as educators.

Other Events:

Aside from our Sunday Services, we also have special events from time to time, including a book discussion class.