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July Worship Service & First Hour Programs

As it is summer vacation season, we will discontinue our regular Children’s Religious Education curriculum for the months of June, July, and August.  Childcare will continue to be offered and the children will be invited to participate in various arts and crafts activities. 

July 2
4:00-4:45 pm –  Family Yoga. We focus on gentle yoga for all ages, adapted to your personal level of experience or inexperience.  All equipment except a yoga mat is provided.
5:00 pm – Rev. Kathleen Scott presents The Power of Surrender:  What are we to surrender and to whom?  What kind of power does surrender have to give us?  You are more powerful than you know.  Find out what this spiritual practice can bring into your life and awareness. Guest musician Richard Garoogian.

July 9
4:00-4:45 pmDrum Circle with Buddy Jones
5:00 pm A Michael Dowd Sermon video and discussion – presented by Earl Cruser.

July 16
4:00-4:45 pmMindful Meditation with Arthur Ogawa
5:00 pm – Rev. Kathleen Scott presents The Power of Compassion: We all have preferences concerning how we want things to go, how we want people to act, what we would prefer to happen in certain sets of circumstances and in relationships.  Are we willing to release our opinions and find freedom from judgment?  How does that confer power?

July 23 
5:00 pm How the Sikh Langar Came to the Visalia UU Fellowship
Presented by Daljit and Katherine Singh.Many religious traditions embrace communal meals. For Sikhs, the langar is a cherished part of their core beliefs. Everywhere in the world, following Sikh temple services, a free vegetarian meal is served to all comers, Sikhs and non-Sikhs. People may arrive just for the Langar.

Today’s multi-media presentation will feature Harold and Janet Wood’s beautiful video of the Langar they attended recently at the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in New Delhi. A second video depicts how the Langar helped to heal members of a Wisconsin Sikh community following a terrible tragedy.

Katherine will share her observations on how our fellowship’s post-service “tea and cookies” morphed into a “UU Langar.” Daljit will discuss why this practice is integral to the Sikh way of life.

Additional note: Don’t cook on July 23rd!
Following the Sikh practice that individual families sponsor the Langar, the Singhs will be preparing a vegetarian meal to be served after services. All we need from you is an RSVP. Call Katherine at 559-734-7213 by July 21st. This way we’ll know how many to prepare for.

July 30
5:00 pm Rev. Kathleen Scott presents The Power of Clarity: Anybody confused out there?  What the heck is going on in our world, in our country, in our relationships?  What kind of guidance is available from the “Universe”?

Other Events:

Aside from our Sunday Services, we also have special events from time to time, including a book discussion class.

June 25, 2017 – Annual Congregational Meeting – to review accomplishments of
the past year and plan for the next (adopt a budget, elect officers, consider bylaw changes and consider voting to be a UUA-recognized Welcoming Congregation.

Adult Religious Exploration – Final Two Discussions of the book Nonviolent Communication – A Language of Compassion (3rd ed.) by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. We are using the 3rd Edition and meeting on alternate Wednesdays at Brandman University (next to the Visalia K-Mart) from 7:00PM to 8:45PM.
Attendees welcome even if you have not attended previous sessions.

On 6/14/17 we will discuss “Liberating Ourselves and Counseling Others” (Chapter 11 in Edition #1 & Chapter 13 in Edition #2) and “Expressing Appreciation in NVC” (Chapter 14 in Edition 3 and Chapter 12 in Edition #1). The discussion will be led by Anna Garcia

For our final session on 6/28/17 we will review and plan for the next Adult Religious Exploration series.
Nonviolent Communication – A Language of Compassion by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. is available on our UU Visalia Amazon bookstore:

You can R.S.V.P. for the class here:
The book is full of exercises and opportunities for role-playing. Other books about non-violence may be shared to enrich the experience. Contact Anna, Arthur, or April for information.