For Upcoming Worship Service Topics

September 3
4:00-4:45 pm-Family Yoga.
We focus on gentle yoga for all ages, adapted to your
personal level of experience or inexperience. Please bring your own mat and other
4:45 -Piano music with Ken Elias
5:00 pm -“Water Communion Ceremony”- A UU ritual, for people to bring a
small container of water collected from a special place during the summer’s travels or
closer to home (stream, ocean, kiddy pool). Pouring it into a common vessel, we
share our inner or outer journeys. Shared by April Hill.
September 10
4:00-4:45 pm-Drum Circle with Buddy Jones
5:00 pm- Rev. Kathleen Scott presents- How Honest Are You?
Let us take aclose look at the level of our commitment to the highest truth in all our interactions,even in our ability to be honest with ourselves. Being honest is actually a
commitment to one’s self, and plants the seeds of truth which bear fruit after its kind.
September 17
4:00-4:45 pm- Mindful Meditation with Arthur Ogawa
4:45 -Piano music with Ken Elias
5:00 pm -How Did the Followers of Jesus Become Christians?
Presentation by Arthur Ogawa.
September 24
5:00 pm- Rev. Kathleen Scott presents – How Loving Are You?
I have spent time with dying people, and all express the desire, in one way or another, that they had been more loving in their lifetime, had let the people in their life know they were truly loved. How are your doing in that area – not by just saying the words, “I love you,” but are your actions loving? Do you listen to others with a loving and understanding heart? We will examine ways in which we can demonstrate our love in all our interactions with others.

Other Events:

Aside from our Sunday Services, we also have special events from time to time, including a book discussion class.

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