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Worship Service & First Hour Programs

Child care with readings and activities is available.

October 1
3:30-4:45 pm –  Family Yoga. We focus on gentle yoga for all ages, adapted to your personal level of experience or inexperience.  Please bring your own mat and other equipment.
5:00 pm – “Classical Folk Music Highlights from 1776 to 1940″ by “Uncle Bill” Warner, of Porterville. Bill is a wise, funny, and gifted musician. Worship Associate is April Hill.

October 8
4:00-4:45 pmDrum Circle with Buddy Jones
5:00 pm – Rev. Kathleen Scott presents What Is Karma?  A discussion about the classical definition of karma, and a modern way of looking at the effects upon character and humankind of our choices and activities, our ways of thinking and speaking, our treatment of each other and the earth.

October 15
4:00-4:45 pmMindful Meditation with Arthur Ogawa
4:45 – Piano music with Ken Elias
5:00 pmWe lift up our recognition as a Welcoming Congregation and celebrate LGBT History Month with aid of our friends at The Source LGBT Center of Visalia. In the summer of 1969, in Greenwich Village, New York City, agents of the New York Police Department’s Vice Squad descended on The Stonewall Inn, a notorious gay bar, to shut it down. But the raid did not go as planned: the intended victims fought back, and the aftermath gave rise to Gay Pride. Presentation by Arthur Ogawa.  See Welcoming Congregation below for more information.

October 22 
4:45 – Piano music with Ken Elias
5:00 pm Rev. Kathleen Scott presents – What Is Intuition?  There are many negative wise cracks about so-called “women’s intuition,” but within spiritual literature, much is said about the intuitive faculty and its value and use.  We will examine together a modern understanding of the function and value of intuition.

October 29
5:00 pm – 
Touchstones:  The Circle of Life.  Life has a way of moving in circles, bringing us back to places we didn’t expect and sometimes taking us away from those we do. Our seventh principle and sixth source reinforce the importance of the circle of life, both literally and metaphorically. In this service we will consider the circle of life and reflect upon those elements that most give our lives meaning. Presented by Janet Wood.  Harold Wood is Worship Associate.

Other Events:

Aside from our Sunday Services, we also have special events from time to time, including a book discussion class.

Adult Religious Exploration  – For our discussion series, topics vary frequently. For our current discussion classes, please visit: