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Child care with readings and activities is available.

December 10
4:00-4:45 pmDrum Circle with Buddy Jones
4:45 pm – Pianist Ken Elias – meditation music
5:00 pm – “The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith”.
In our commitment to being anti-racist, white Unitarian Universalists are still learning to decenter our whiteness so that people of color are brought from the margins to the center. Join us as we practice that work, and promise a new way of being together. UUA materials presented by Worship Associate April Hill.

December 17
4:00-4:45 pmMindful Meditation with Arthur Ogawa
4:45 pmPianist Ken Elias – meditation music
5:00 pm
Rev. Kathleen Scott presents – The Gift of Listening – My counseling practice has taught me that all people need two things in their interactions with others:  to be truly heard and responded to with empathy.  This sometimes proves most difficult for people, especially in this politically explosive time – people tend to talk over each other and to react defensively instead of providing a safe and loving atmosphere for conversation.

December 24 
5:00 pm – Rev. Kathleen Scott presents – Following the Star – The nativity story of the wise men who followed an usual star to the stable where the baby Jesus lay has some value for us today, especially if the story is viewed symbolically.  We can interpret the story to refer to following Divine Guidance to the birth of new opportunities for spiritual awakening, growth, and understanding among other things.  If you are still in town and available, I hope you will join me at the Sunday evening service on Christmas Eve to examine the new possibilities we all may welcome into our lives.

December 31 
5:00 pm – Releasing and Renewal for the New Year
Harold & Janet Wood will lead a fun ritual of Releasing and Renewal for the New Year. This provides an opportunity for each one of us to consider what things, attitudes, or beliefs in our lives we wish to purge, relinquish, release, let go, or leave behind. At the same time, we will each identify and raise up those things we wish to hold on to, renew, and aspire to keep and include in our lives. As a group exercise, we each receive support within our congregation. Before the service, please give some thought to each of these aspects in your life.

Other Events:

Aside from our Sunday Services, we also have special events from time to time, including a book discussion class.

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